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Aluminum powder industry: policy supports the development of high-end products
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Aluminum powder is a powder material product that is deeply processed from electrolytic aluminum. Aluminum metal has high chemical activity and is not easy to oxidize. Aluminum powder is light in weight, high in buoyancy, strong in covering, good in reflecting light and heat. Aluminium powder, high demand, many varieties, wide application so widely used in chemical, pesticide, catalyst solid rocket propellant, gunpowder, metallic coatings, anti-corrosion materials, conductive coatings, aerated concrete gas agent, steelmaking deoxidizer, refractory material, aluminum alloy, hot spraying composite powder slurry, photovoltaic solar cells, aluminum foam materials and other fields, in the defense, aerospace, chemical industry, metallurgy, coating, building played an important role. The production process of micron aluminum powder is mainly produced by atomization, which can be divided into three types: air atomization, water pressure atomization and inert gas atomization.

At present, the supply and demand situation of the global aluminum powder industry is oversupply, showing the trend of overproduction capacity. China has an advantage in the global market of fine spherical aluminum powder, occupying more than half of the global market share. By the end of 2011, China's aluminum powder production capacity had increased from less than 70,000 tons in 2009 to 140,000 tons. Although the production capacity of aluminum powder has increased significantly, high-end powder products under 7 microns have not increased year on year. On the contrary, new industry entrants have a low level of production technology, and the production capacity of this part exceeds 40,000 tons, which cannot meet the quality requirements of the market, so it cannot be truly produced and sold after production. In the national market scope, hunan is the main production area of fine spherical aluminum powder. According to the target market segmentation of aluminum powder, the market situation of coarse powder and fine powder of micro-fine spherical aluminum powder is different. The coarse powder market has low entry threshold, excess production capacity, fierce market competition, low value-added products, and enterprises are all competing with large quantities of sales and low market prices. Fine powder are greatly influenced by the downstream pv industry, market price rise in recent years, market application field widely and has great development potential, companies with atomized powder rate (in particular the fine powder of D50 7 microns or less productivity), fine powder yield and productivity as the main technical indicators.
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