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The types and properties of metallic aluminum powder coatings are briefly discussed
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The country's emphasis on environmental protection, as environmental protection, high performance, high efficiency and economical type of powder coating, production increased rapidly in recent years, increasing varieties and gradually expand the application field. In terms of decoration, in addition to the ordinary varieties of different luster, smooth surface of powder coatings, orange lines, wrinkles, sand grain, decorative pattern, hammer, the type and content of powder metal powder coating is also growing, gradually permeated various fields of solvent-based coating. In these varieties, are the main decorative metal aluminium powder coating powder coating is one of the main varieties, including metallic, metal plating, metal decorative pattern, hammer type and metallic texture powder coating. The characteristics of this powder coating are that it contains metal aluminum powder. By changing the aluminum powder specification, coating formula and manufacturing process, powder coatings with different properties and coating appearance can be obtained. The following is a detailed description of the variety, manufacturing process, formula composition, factors affecting the appearance of the coating, application fields and existing problems.
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